• Hellenism

    Hellenism is the foremost anthropocentric culture, of a timeless character, based on the values of democracy, freedom, creation and the exaltation of the spirit, and is constantly evolving.

  • Philhellenes

    Philhellenes were citizens and military officers from France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, USA, etc., who assisted the Greek War of Independence of 1821 participating in war operations, raising funds, creating literary works or works of art in order to promote internationally the Greek cause and mobilize public opinion.

  • Philhellenism in art

    The War of Independence of 1821 and the philhellenic movement have influenced art in the 19th century in many ways. Indicative samples of this wave, which stimulated the public opinion internationally, are presented here.

  • The Greek War of Independence

    The Society collects data, documents, books and objects which record the journey of the Greeks from the beginning of the struggle to the establishment of the modern Greek state.

  • Historical names of the Greek War of Independence

    Presentation of a list of names of people and places that played an important role during the Greek War of Independence.


From SHP’s collection


Michalis Tiberios, member of the Academy of Athens, participates in the Advisory Committee of SHP

    EEF is pleased to announce the participation of Professor Michalis Tiverios, member of the Academy of Athens, in its Advisory Committee. Michalis A. Tiberios studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of…


Important poll: What do Greeks think about the role of the Philhellenes during the Revolution of 1821?

    The company MARC conducted an important poll for the Center for Liberal Studies - Markos Dragoumis (KEFIM), on the subject of how the Greeks perceive the Revolution of 1821, the role of the protagonists in it, but also…


Wilhelm Traugott Krug, German Philhellene, passionate supporter of the Greek Struggle for Freedom and Independence

    A special place in the history of the German Philhellenic movement that manifested itself at the beginning of the 19th century, is undoubtedly held by those brave scholars and academic people, who openly declared their…


Lord Byron and the sword of Kolokotronis

    The symbol of Philhellenism of Lord Byron, the fighter of 1821 Eggelis and the sword of Kolokotronis The most central emblematic figure of the Philhellenic movement during the Revolution of 1821, is undoubtedly that…

Press – Media

PRESS RELEASE - Revival of Philhellenes volunteers during the Greek War of Independence, an initiative of SHP

    The Society for Hellenism and Philhellenism (SHP), organizes in collaboration with organizations and associations of 19th century revivalists, in Greece and internationally, a unit of 25 Philhellenes, who will participate…


ON THE EUROPEANISM OF TURKEY - Article by Angelos Zacharopoulos

    Prior to the start date of Turkey's accession negotiations (3.10.2005), there had been much discussion as to whether Turkey should or could have a place in the EU. The main exponent of the view that Turkey cannot have…

Important Greeks and Philhellenes



Studies, research work and articles on people and organizations which contributed to the Society’s aims.


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