• Hellenism

    Hellenism is the foremost anthropocentric culture, of a timeless character, based on the values of democracy, freedom, creation and the exaltation of the spirit, and is constantly evolving.

  • Philhellenes

    Philhellenes were citizens and military officers from France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, USA, etc., who assisted the Greek War of Independence of 1821 participating in war operations, raising funds, creating literary works or works of art in order to promote internationally the Greek cause and mobilize public opinion.

  • Philhellenism in art

    The War of Independence of 1821 and the philhellenic movement have influenced art in the 19th century in many ways. Indicative samples of this wave, which stimulated the public opinion internationally, are presented here.

  • The Greek War of Independence

    The Society collects data, documents, books and objects which record the journey of the Greeks from the beginning of the struggle to the establishment of the modern Greek state.

  • Historical names of the Greek War of Independence

    Presentation of a list of names of people and places that played an important role during the Greek War of Independence.


From SHP’s collection


1821-2021: Commemorative series of 10 medals of the SHP / Museum of Philhellenism

  Sixth medal: The French Philhellene Charles – Nicolas Fabvier     After the first quadrilingual and luxurious anniversary edition related to the Philhellenism, we present an impressive collection of medals…


Anniversary edition - calendar of SHP and the Philhellenism Museum

    The Society for Hellenism and Philhellenism presents the anniversary edition - calendar of the Philhellenism Museum for the 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821. The edition narrates in 4 languages ​​(Greek,…


Carl Rottmann, German Philhellene landscape painter of Greece

    Carl Anton Joseph Rottmann was a famous German landscape painter and a beloved painter of the Bavarian king Ludwig I (1786 - 1868). He was famous for his mythical-heroic themes in his painting. Rottmann's greatest artistic…


The contribution of Greek and Philhellene women to the Greek Independence

    Philhellenism has been, without a doubt, an important and multifaceted phenomenon that contributed decisively to the founding of the new Greek state, justifying the struggle of the Greeks for Freedom and Independence.…

Press – Media

Bicentennial USA and Greece: Celebrating 200 Years of Friendship, with the participation of the Philhellenism Museum

    Athens – On January 14, 2021, U.S. Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt announced in an interview with the Greek national broadcaster ERT the launch of U.S. Mission Greece’s year-long campaign to commemorate Greece’s…


Royal houses and Philhellenism during the 19th century

    Dr. Eleni Leontidou and SHP’s Scientific Committee   The international circumstances at the time of the outbreak of the Greek revolution were less than favorable for the Greeks: after the end of the Napoleonic…

Important Greeks and Philhellenes



Studies, research work and articles on people and organizations which contributed to the Society’s aims.


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