The Ministry of Defense (MoD) organized on 24/4/2024 at the Evelpidon Military Academy, a ceremony for the leadership of the Hellenic Armed Forces to honour Philhellenism and the 200 years since the death of Lord Byron. An English poet whose name was associated with Messolonghi and the Struggle for Greek Independence. His role, like that of all the Philhellenes, was absolutely pivotal for the people and governments of Europe to support the Greek Revolution.

The event was attended by the Minister of National Defense, Mr. Nikos Dendias, the leaders of GEETHA, GES, GEN, GEA and Ms. Susan Geary on behalf of the British Embassy in Athens. The Minister addressed the cadets in the main auditorium of the Academy. A speech followed on the contribution of Lord Byron and the Philhellenes volunteers to the establishment of the Greek Regular Army, by the president of the SHP and Philhellenism Museum, Mr. Konstantinos Velentzas.



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