The educational community participates actively in this celebrations of the SHP – Philhellenism Museum for the 200th anniversary since Lord Byron’s death.

Further to the initiative of the Second Arsakeion Lyceum of Psychiko, the Arsakeia Schools of Psychiko collaborated with the Philhellenism Museum to organize a special event – tribute to Lord Byron in the historic School Library with reference to the museum’s unique exhibits.

The event involved a live discussion between the distinguished Professor of Archaeology, Vassilis Lambrinoudakis, and the president of the Philhellenism Museum, Konstantinos Velentzas. The Director of the Second Arsakeio Lyceum, Linguist Nelli Pappa, took over the coordination of the debate, which had as its axis two different approaches aimed at the promotion internationally of Greek culture. The participating students had distinguished themselves in the preparatory stage that preceded the event.

The collaboration will continue with the use of the produced audio-visual material and with the implementation of new actions that the students will undertake to prepare this time by themselves.

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