The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Ernst Reichel, and his wife, Ms. Anne Decrue Reichel, visited the Museum of Philhellenism on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

During their tour of the Museum, they had the opportunity to learn about the exhibits, the history of the philhellenic movement, and the role of thousands of German Philhellenes, who fought valiantly on the side of the Greeks as volunteers or supported the philhellenic committees in Germany.

SHP presented to the German Ambassador two anniversary medals it issued on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution, which honor two important German Philhellenes. Ludwig I, King of Bavaria, great benefactor of Greece who financed the struggle of the Greeks and General Norman, who led the Greek army in the battle of Peta and sacrificed himself for Greece.

The German Ambassador Mr. Ernst Reichel, handed over to the Philhellenism Museum, on behalf of Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, President of the German Parliament (Bundestag), a German flag sent by the German Parliament on the occasion of the 200th Anniversary, and said during the flag handover ceremony the following:

“I am pleased to hand this flag of the Federal Republic of Germany over to you on behalf of Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, President of the German Bundestag. This flag was used in the German Bundestag, which is why it shows some minor traces of usage. Allow me to thank you for your dedication in making the roles Philhellenes played in the Greek Revolution of 1821 and its aftermath known to the general public. The largest part of these Philhellenes were Germans, who gave their hearts, fortunes, and sometimes even their lives in support of the Greek cause. They were inspired by the ideals of the Greek war of independence, which set into motion a process of historical and state-building importance for large parts of Europe. These processes, eventually, helped shape the parliamentary democracies our countries are today. It is therefore of great symbolic value that this flag, originating from the German Parliament, the heart of German democracy, will from now on be displayed in the Philhellenism Museum. May it serve as a symbol of the strong bonds between Germany and Greece in a united Europe. I wish you personally and the Philhellenism Museum, once it is allowed to open to the public, all the very best and much success.”

SHP thanked the German Ambassador Mr. Ernst Reichel and the President of the Bundestag, and assured that it will continue to promote with its work the common cultural values of the German and Greek people and the continuous philhellenism as a virtue for the progress of our societies and European integration.

The Philhellenism Museum exhibits, among others, important works of art by German painters and artists on the subject of the Greek Revolution, as well as objects and documents, on the history of German Philhellenes who fought on the side of the Greeks or supported the German Philhellenic Committees.