The coat of arms of the first Regular Army of Greece.

The Philhellenism Museum enriched its collections with a very rare object.  

The coat of arms of the first Regular Army of Greece which participated in the Greek Revolution.  

The Regular Army of Greece was founded in 1821 on the initiative of Dimitrios Ypsilantis, by the Philhellene French officer Joseph Baleste who undertook its training. Then, in 1822, German General Normann took command, leading the expedition to Epirus, Kompoti and Peta. Later, the Regular Army was taken over by Colonel Fabvier.  

The Regular Army was attended by Greeks from the diaspora and the Ionian Islands, and mainly volunteer Philhellenes from all over the world. The Regular Army was always on the front line on all battlefields and contributed decisively to the liberation of Greece.  

The coat of arms is made of bronze and has a diameter of 11.5 cm. The figure of goddess Athena dominates imposingly and confirms that Greece owes its freedom to the classical education of the western world.