The Lord Byron Medal

The Society for Hellenism and Philhellenism (SHP) offers annually the Lord Byron medal to the following:

  • Private or public organisations and scholars who contributed to the promotion of Hellenism and Hellenist studies,
  • Individuals or organisations which offer their support to the mission of SHP,
  • Descendants of Philhellenes who offered their support to Greece during the war of independence.

Each honored person receives a copper medal and a diploma.

The Lord Byron medals are awarded in a ceremony which takes place at the Philhellenism Museum of Athens.

Τhe laureates of the ‘Lord Byron’ medal



Ceremony during the inauguration of the ‘American Philhellenism’ exhibition, that took place on April 14, 2021 in the Philhellenism Museum.

  • Geoffrey Pyatt, Ambassador of the USA in Greece. His Excellency, Geoffrey Pyatt, was awarded the ‘Lord Byron’ medal

Inauguration ceremony of the Philhellenism Museum that took place on July 7, 2021.

The ‘Lord Byron’ medal was awarded to the following descendants of thirteen great Philhellenes, who offered valuable services, even their lives, to the Greek War of Independence:

  • Rea Metropoulou, descendant of the German Wilhelm Bellier de Launoy
  • Nikos Apostolidis, descendant of the German Heinrich Treiber
  • Bruno Fabvier, descendant of the French Charles Nicolas Fabvier
  • Jeannine Giudicelli, descendant of the French Pasquale Gambini
  • Vincent Touze, descendant of the French Jean-François Maxime Raybaud
  • Pascale / Delphine Aurran de Sancy, descendant of the French Olivier Voutier
  • Christos Paraskevopoulos, descendant of the Italian Giuseppe Chiappe
  • Aikaterini Ioannidi, descendant of the Italian Michele Gramsi
  • Hugues Eynard, descendant of the Swiss Jean-Gabriel Eynard
  • Julius & Loukia Fornezi, descendants of the Swiss Henri Fornèsy
  • James Abney-Hastings, descendant of the British Frank Abney Hastings
  • Julia Wainwright, descendant of the Americans Julia Ward Howe and Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe
  • Gillian Kellogg, descendant of the Americans Julia Ward Howe and Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe

During the same ceremony, four professors and a diplomat were also awarded the Lord Byron medal:

  • William St Clair (United Kingdom, 1937 – 2021)
  • Maria Kalinowska (Poland)
  • Eva Latorre Broto (Spain)
  • Gosciwit Malinowski (Poland)
  • Theo Dirix (Diplomat from Βelgium)