The Nike untying her sandal is the symbol of the Museum of Philhellenism. The great sculptor George Vroutos (1843-1908), completed the ancient sculpture of the 5th century BC, from the parapet of the temple of Apteros Nike on the Acropolis, and rendered its original beauty. This modest Nike, which is placed at the entrance of the Philhellenism Museum, leans slightly her body to untie her sandal entering the sanctuary, as a sign of respect for the contribution and sacrifices of the Philhellenes to Greece, the memory of which is honored by the Museum.

The Greek designer Mr. Thanassis Dovas, designed and implemented, in collaboration with SHP and the Philhellenism Museum, a collectible jewel for the opening of the Museum and the anniversary of 1821-2021.

The frame of the jewelry is made of silver (925) and hosts the sandal wearing Nike. Each piece of jewelry is numbered.

Price: 55 Euro

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