Sotiris Tsiodras, professor of infectious diseases, doctor


Professor Sotiris Tsiodras has contributed decisively with his scientific knowledge, his hyperactivity and his constant presence on all fronts, his ethos, his prestige and his modesty, in the struggle of our society to face the pandemic of COVID19. He is a model for everyone in Greece and internationally.

The example of this man reminds us of the role played by a great Philhellene, Professor Heinrich Treiber, during the cholera epidemic that plagued Athens in 1854.

When the great cholera epidemic struck Athens, and the streets of the city were deserted, the great Philhellene was the only one who crossed the streets on horseback many times every day to be present at the hospital or wherever else he was called, until he was also contaminated by the disease.

Heinrich Treiber, professor, doctor, Philhellene

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