It was the great moment of the emblematic British Philhellene, founder of the Greek Navy, captain of Karteria and national benefactor of Greece, Frank Abney-Hastings.

This naval battle was also one of the greatest moments of Philhellenism. The Greek fleet with Admiral Frank Abney-Hastings, captains of the other ships the Danish-German Fabricius, the British Georges Thomas and the French general Dentzel, and dozens of other philhellenes and Greek sailors, destroyed the entire Turkish fleet in the Gulf of Corinth, opening the road to the liberation of mainland Greece. The African-American Williams also took part in this naval battle, leading a group of 15 sailors to take back control of the Greek ship Savior that had been left unmanned.

SHP and the Philhellenism Museum honor the Philhellenes volunteers who participated in the naval battle of Agali (Itea), displaying in the Museum of Philhellenism the personal pistols of Frank Abney-Hastings, which were used in this naval battle.

You may find the biography of Frank Abney-Hastings here: