SHP and the Philhellenism Museum honor the thousands of Philhellenes who offered valuable services from Europe and the USA to Greece during the Greek War of Independence and fought for its freedom. In 1821, Philhellenism laid new foundations for human rights, international solidarity and turned Greece to a beacon of Western civilization.

On April 19, Greeks and Philhellenes honor the great romantic poet Lord Byron, who first envisioned that “Greece might still be free again” and the thousands of volunteers who sacrificed their lives on the battlefields and in the Greek seas.

The Philhellenism Museum has formed a group of enactors who wear the exact uniforms of Philhellenes of the time and carry their authentic weapons.

The uniforms and weapons are part of the Museum’s collection and are exhibited in it.

The photos are by the photographer Elias Pergantis.

Admission to the Museum is free.

Philhellenism Museum

Zisimopoulou 12, 11524, Athens

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Tel. 210-8094750