An original research on the fate of the fighters of Alexander Ypsilantis that survived the lethal battles of the uprising in Moldavia and Wallachia in 1821.Many of them found refuge in Odessa and from there they started their dramatic journey of homecoming to Greece. Their farther destination was Marseilles, from where they were going to embark in ships and sail tothe Aegean. Their course was beset with difficulties.

Fugitives, in rags and starving, exposed to harsh winter elements. Many of them succumbed to these hard conditions while they were making their way through Russia, Poland and Germany. When they reached Switzerland, they were impeded by the policy of the Great Powers, while France blocked their path.

Swiss, organized in more than 100 philhellene associations, offered them hospitality in various

cantons, where they were met with moving support from citizens, from the church, and from the Press. Philhellenes describe in various publications of the era the daily lives of their guests. In their testimonies, which are presented here in Greek translation, they record stories and names of the fugitives, as well as their fight for freedom. Finally, France gives in, and, after a 3.000 km long journey, the Greeks reach Marseilles in 1823. For 158 of them, that boarded three ships, the dream of homecoming becomes reality…

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Language: Greek

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