The Propylaea (Propyläen) is an impressive building, which has the form of a monumental gate to Munich, situated at the western side of Königsplatz.

The monument is inspired by Greek architectural principles and the entrance of the Propylaea of the Acropolis in Athens. It was designed by Leo von Klenze, following the Doric order outside, and the Ionic order inside.

The construction was commissioned by Ludwig I, who used for this his own private funds, with an aim to build a symbol of the friendship between Greece and Bavaria, and a memorial for the Greek War of Independence and the accession to the throne of Othon of Greece.

The Propylaea was inaugurated around one year before King Otto resigned from his throne in Greece.

The monument is composed by two towers and a gate in the middle, allowing riders on horses and carts with horses to pass by it to move to the centre of Munich.

Ludwig Michael Schwanthaler designed various reliefs and sculptures to decorate the memorial and to celebrate the Bavarian prince and the Greek War of Independence.

The inner part of the gate, bears on six walls the names of the heroes of the Greek revolution, Greeks and Philhellenes.