The Ambassador of Georgia Mr. David Dondua and the staff members of the embassy of Georgia visited on April 20, 2021 the Philhellenism Museum, and was guided to its 4 floors. The staff of the Museum presented to him the collections, the history of the philhellenic movement and the philhellenic art, as well as the history of many emblematic philhellenes who supported the Greek Revolution.

Mr. Velentzas presented to the Museum of Philhellenism a document of great historical importance that proves the bonds of friendship between Greece and Georgia. This is a touching letter sent to Greece in 1897 by Georgian students from the University of St. Petersburg. With this letter they express their philhellenic feelings and their support to the struggle of the Greeks.

SHP warmly thanked the ambassador for this document.

Mr. David Dondua stated the following:

“Four thousand years of shared history and close cooperation between our countries and people, are a best attestation of philhellenic spirit of Georgian nation. On our planet there is no other nation closer to us than Greeks. I am so proud to represent my country in Greece”.

The ambassador also explained that the name used for Greek in Georgian is “ბერძენი” / brdzeni, which comes from the word “ბრძენი” / brdzeni and means “wise”, while Greece is called “საბერძნეთი” / Saberdzneti, meaning “the land of the wise”.

The two sides agreed to take joint actions to promote relations between the two peoples and to organize a joint exhibition.