La fiancee du Klephte, romance, paroles de A. Betourne, musique de Theodore Labarre. Paris, E. Troupenas, [π. 1825], Collection SHP

The SHP co-organises with the V&M Theocharakis Foundation, a series of concerts, in view of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821, in the context of the actions of the Initiative 21 of the 14 Foundations.

The concerts will present classic music of philhellenic inspiration, composed by European composers during the Greek War of Independence, to support the Greek fighters through concerts and fund raising initiatives:

  • Around Rossini: Italian musician Philhellenism
  • Berlioz and the Revolution: French musician Philhellenism
  • The Muller of the Greeks: German musician Philhellenism
  • Byron and the Muses: English music Philhellenism

SHP and V&M Theocharakis will also present five musical analogues curated by Magda Mavrogiannis, on topics based on the Greek Revolution, such as:

  • Delacroix, Kanaris, Georgia Sandy, Chopin
  • George Karaiskakis
  • Lord Byron – Mary Shelley
  • The legendary Lascarina Bouboulina
  • Elizabeth Chennier – Loumaki