The company MARC conducted an important poll for the Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis (KEFIM), on the subject of how the Greeks perceive the Revolution of 1821, the role of the protagonists in it, but also the contribution of the Philhellenes.

One of the main findings of the research is that the Revolution of 1821 is a common reference point that unites the Greeks, while demographic characteristics, such as gender and age, income, ideology and educational level have little influence on their views.

An important question concerned the social groups and institutions that contributed decisively to the outbreak of the Revolution of 1821. The public considers that the Friendly Society / Filiki Etaireia (with 94.2%) and the Philhellenes (with 87.1%) played a leading role.

This answer is very honorable for the Greek public opinion, which recognizes and honors the role of the Philhellenes, who fought in Greece and internationally for the independence of Greece.

SHP considers that this result largely justifies its own efforts, and confirms that it will continue its work with the aim of highlighting Greek culture and perpetuating the philhellenic movement internationally.

The research in question contains very interesting information, and you can download it here.