On the occasion of the visit of the Belgian royal family to Greece, the SHP and the Philhellenism Museum remind that many Belgian Philhellenes supported the Greek Revolution.

The most important of these was Augustin De Lannoy, who took part in many battles. The last one was in Karystos. He died a little later injured in Andros.

You will find his biography here.


Moreover, the arms industry of Liege (one of the best in the 19th century), sent weapons to Greece on the initiative of Belgian Philhellenic committees.

Pistols from Liege (SHP collection / Philhellenism Museum)

The missions were funded by fundraisers and proceeds from concerts in favor of the Greeks.

Programme of June 3, 1826, of one of the many concerts that took place in Belgium in favor of the Greeks. The aim of these events was to raise money for the financial support of the Greeks, and to promote the rights of Greece (SHP collection / Philhellenism Museum).

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